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Wedding Videography

Photography is a major part of the wedding and very important, but photos have no sound or movement.

The vows, the toasts, the dancing and the myriad of emotions are best captured through video.

Wedding Video Packages 

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The Process 

Interview / Survey

The first step in MS Video
telling the story of your
Wedding day is to have a brief
phone  call to simply get to
know each other, and answer
any immediate question. 
Then we will send you
a short question survey that
simply helps us get to know you, and what your expectations are, 
so we can serve you best.

Filming Your Wedding

At MS Video we discuss how
discrete or overt couples prefer
us to be. In unique circumstances
we are also willing to film
preparatory events previous to
the actual wedding, and can be arranged when speaking together.

Story Development

Typically within 4 to 6 weeks
before of big day, 
we correspond with you
and walk through some event
information together such as; 
the general format of the day, 
unique ways we can tell your story, 
venue location, etc.


By far, the majority of work occurs
after the wedding day. 
Piecing your wedding video together
and polishing with the latest software & hardware. 
Typical delivery of your video is a few months.