Engagement Announcement


There is nothing more exciting than experiencing a big life moment and being able to share it with the people in your life. We’ve all seen it on tv, the proposal in the restaurant where the groom-to-be jumps up and yells “she said yes!” and a crowd of strangers at the surrounding tables applaud and congratulate the new couple on their future life together. Announcing your engagement to your friends and family is a similar experience, except the outpour of love isn’t from strangers, it’s from the people most important to you.

Aside from yelling the news to anyone on the streets that will listen, what is the best way to share the news with your circle? That’s up to you but you have a few options to choose from!

Good ‘old Fashioned’ Face to Face or Phone Calls

While a mass announcement is always an easy way to get the news out, it probably isn’t the way you would want your parents, siblings or grandparents to find out. Take the time to make the personal phone calls, schedule the visits, or invite them for dinner to share the news. Showing them the love and respect of telling them directly and before everyone else will not only share the love you’re feeling to the people who matter to you the most, but also make them feel like they’re a part of your special moment.

Share on Social Media

In this day and age, if it isn’t on Facebook or Instagram, did it really happen? Choose your favorite social platform and share your news in a way unique to both of you. This is the easiest way to let everyone in your life know but it will also easily spread the news beyond just your closer circle. Everyone from your cousins to your high school friends may be connected with you on social media, so one post will go the distance... but isn’t that why you’re connected in the first place? Celebrate each other’s life moments and enjoy the love and congratulations that pour in. Share a photo with your significant other or show off the new bling and your family and friends will feel like they were also there.

Go for the Formal Announcements

Announcements these days come in the form of e-announcements as well as mailed announcements so choose which fits better into your preferences, budget and lifestyle. E-announcements can be anything from an email announcing the proposal and sharing details to an engagement website or invitation to the engagement party.

A more formal approach would be to physically mail an announcement or invitation to an engagement party. Mailed announcements can really communicate a theme or experience as you hand select all the details that go into it. If you’d like to keep it simple, there are also plenty of pre-made templates at your local stationary store so find whatever feels right for you as a couple. Mailing an announcement can be a little extra work but there’s something special in this technology age about receiving an unexpected piece of physical mail with such happy news, it’ll definitely make your engagement memorable!

However you decide to announce your engagement is a personal decision and one that should feel right for you and your significant other. Weddings can be an emotional time so it’s important that you take the moment to share your news with the important people in your lives, but remember it’s your news to share so don’t let any individuals who might be upset because they expected a direct phone call to get you down.

Revel in the happy moment and enjoy every second of it… the time goes by too quickly but the love you’ll feel from family and friends who share in your happiness is truly unlike anything else!

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