Super Fun ... last minute dates

My partner and I have work schedules that vary, so when we get time off simultaneously it’s usually with short notice. As a result, we don’t have a clue what to do for fun last minute.

If you find yourself in this type of position, check out our shortlist of fun things you can arrange with your partner on short notice.


Do an inside or outside picnic

Especially now that the weather is so beautiful, taking advantage of your local parks it’s a great way to spend your day.


Go hiking

Or… you can picnic while you are on a hike! If you are in Northern California then you have so many beautiful views to choose from.


Teach each other something

Try to teach each other something that you (the teacher) are passionate about.

I noticed when my partner teaches me economics, he is so into it that stays better in my memory. At the other hand, I can’t tell he can memorize what I teach him! He only knows two words from my native language (Greek)!


Make a romantic dinner at home

It can be dinner, lunch, breakfast… as long as you do it together.


Work out together

I hear several of my friends making the comment ‘’ I wish my partner would like to work out with me’’. Not only you look and feel better, but also you make your other half happier and she/he feels your support.


Movie marathon or pick a T.V. show

This is great especially for the long winter nights…. As long as you end up picking something to watch. There have been several days that we have been trying to agree in what we want to watch without any success :D !


Go to estate sales together

I love doing this one because my partner is so convincing pretending that he is interested that when we leave I ask him ‘’do you really want to buy this house’’..!

I find it hilarious!


Take advantage of coupon sites to get great deals on things you wouldn’t normally do

We did a painting night and we loved it more than we expected… of course our paintings were not worth keeping…but maybe we will do better next time.


Go on a tour beer, food!

You can find deals at Groupon or check local happy hour!


Take a dance class and take it together

Since the last time we danced together and we ended up stepping on each other’s feet,

This one is high on my list.


Spa night together



Go to the animal shelter and pet the animals

I am sure you are going to end up bringing 1,2,3… at home!



Just remember, someone needs to lose! No big deal :D


Have friends over and play board games

Add some BBQ too.


 Take professional photos together

Even though we have cell phones I can never be satisfy with the quality coming from our phones. My goal is every year to have a least one professional photoshoot because after all our adventures come to an end photos are what left to remind us all those great memories.


Are you looking for professional photos? MS Photo And Video guarantees the result you desire. Check out our work and contact us to schedule a session together!