7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bridal Day

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So, you’re planning a bridal day! How exciting! One of the favorite events for any bride, the bridal day is full of friends, family, and laughs as the bride prepares for her upcoming nuptials and everything the special day has to offer.

As an event that requires a lot of planning and coordination, it can be tough to figure out where to start! Below are a few guidelines to get things moving as you start to piece together everything you need to plan the perfect bridal day.

Who Should Host

Most commonly, the bridal day is hosted by the maid of honor, bridal party, or even close family members of the bride. There’s no need to host the event alone though! Involving other close friends/family of the bride will help distribute the workload and also make everyone feel intimately involved in the upcoming wedding.

Who to Invite

Unlike the bachelorette party which is usually limited to the bride’s close knit group of friends, the bridal day can include family members as well! This could be the perfect event to include the bride’s mom, aunts, grandmother and even future mother in law. While traditionally bridal days were ladies only, some brides now opt for a co-ed event which is also acceptable. Just be careful to check the guest list with the bride beforehand – it’s rude to invite someone to the bridal day who isn’t invited to the wedding.


Traditionally, the bridal day is hosted between two months to two weeks prior to the wedding day. It’s also a nice gesture to coordinate potential dates with immediate family or guests who would be traveling to attend. Not every guest’s availability can be considered when choosing a date, but there will be a few people at the top of the bride’s list who should be considered.


While paper invitations for wedding events are always an option and definitely more expected for the actual wedding, it has become very acceptable to invite guests via Evite to smaller events like the bridal day. It’s best to send out the invitations six to eight weeks before the event, perhaps even a little earlier depending on how many guests will be traveling to attend.


Having a bridal day theme could make the planning easier and there are TONS of ideas on Pinterest and Etsy to help! Try to personalize the theme to something that matches the bride’s personality but ask her if anything makes her uncomfortable. The bridal day may not be the appropriate event for a risqué theme or x-rated games and gifts since family members may also be in attendance or if the event is co-ed.

Guidelines for Gifts

Since guests customarily bring gifts to the bridal day, be sure to provide a link to the couple’s registry or include the bride’s intimate’s sizes in case guests choose to bring gifts off the registry for a ladies only bridal event. As the host, also remember to make a list of gifts received (or ask someone else to) as the bride unwraps them so she knows where to send the thank you’s afterwards.


Providing some type of food is a must but a full meal is not required. Light snacks, hors d’oeuvres, or desserts will suffice so guests have something to nibble on. Consider what time of day the bridal event is taking place over since if it spans a few hours over a meal time, you may want to consider serving a full meal or heavier snacks at the least.

At the end of the day, the bridal day is one of the most intimate and enjoyable events for the bride and everyone that attends, so no matter what you decide to do, make it fun and have a good time! When everyone thinks back to the event, that is the part they will remember the most.

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