Who Edits Your Pictures?

When you book a photographer to capture every minute and detail of your wedding, you want to know that your photos will turn out as stunning as those that you saw of previous weddings captured by your photographer. Part of guaranteeing that you’ll be happy with the end results means that you need to know if your photographer edits the photos themselves or not.

There are many reasons why this is important to know before you hire a just anyone for your wedding photography. Here are a few reasons why you should want to know if your photographer is going to edit your photos.


Different Photographers Edit Differently

When your photographer doesn’t do the editing themselves, there is no control over the end product. There are numerous websites that advertise that they can edit photos to free up the photographer’s time. When these services are utilized the photographer is turning over their raw images to someone they found on the internet and ultimately going to put their name on.


There is some inherent risk associated with this practice. There is little control of ensuring that the same editors will edit that photographers pictures every time. As a result, your final images might not look the same as those in your photographer’s portfolio. Additionally, turnaround times could be affected, ultimately delaying how long it takes to receive your pictures.


Cheaper Photographers Don’t Always Deliver

Most couples have a set budget for their wedding that they try to stick to. As a result, a photographer who advertises lower prices might be appealing. Don’t be fooled by an attractive price tag. Most photographers who charge lower prices generally don’t produce the quality images that you are wanting. Often when a photographer advertises an unusually low price for their services, they generally do not include editing of pictures. Instead, they will just shoot and burn the pictures to a CD without a second glance to ensure quality. Which in turn means that most couples are less than pleased with the final images that they receive.


Cost Extra to Have Someone Else Edit Pictures  

When the pictures that you receive from your photographer do not reflect what you anticipated you’d receive chances are you aren’t going to be very happy with your photographer. You’ll then end up spending more money to pay a different photographer to edit your images to have pictures you want to display around your home. Quality editing is going to come with a hefty price tag that you are going to have to be prepared to pay.


Do You Have the Right to Edit Your Pictures?

This then raises a whole different set of questions such as is it legal to have another photographer edit someone else’s work? Is it ethical to hire someone to edit your professional images? Do you own the copyright that allows for you to edit or alter their work? Who do you give credit to for the final edited images?

Save yourself some time, money and heartache by investing in wedding photography that edits their own work. This will ensure that your wedding photos are beautiful and accurately capture every detail of your wedding perfectly. You’ll be proud to share your photos with friends and family when your photographer takes the time to edit your images before turning them over to you.