5 Reasons to Have Bridal Pictures Taken

Bridal portraits are generally taken a few weeks prior to the actual wedding day. These photos serve as a beautiful keepsake for not only the bride, but for the family as well. Some brides might think that they don’t need to take the time to get the bridal pictures taken prior to the wedding, because they’ll just get them on their wedding day. Yes, your photographer will take some on your wedding day, but you won’t get the same quality and quantity as you would if you had a full bridal shoot. Here are 5 additional reasons why you should consider having bridal pictures taken prior to your wedding day.

Spend More Time Getting Quality Shots

Weddings are held to a strict timeline that must be adhered to by all parties. This means that you won’t have as much time during the day to get various shots and poses in your bridal gown as you would with a shoot dedicated to your bridals. Having a dedicated bridal session allows your photographer the time necessary to get the right shots of you and your gown. Your photographer will be able to take their time and not feel as though they are being rushed, which will reward you with a variety of shots to choose from. Having the time to move slowly will help to put you at ease and help you to be relaxed and more willing to try a variety of different shots and poses.

Dress Rehearsal

Think of your bridal photo session as a dress rehearsal that allows you to see your completed bridal look come together. See your wedding gown, with your wedding hair, make up, and accessories come together. This will allow for you to see how it is going to look on your wedding day and give you time to make any adjustments as needed. Brides who want to see the complete look can ask their florist to create a mockup of their bouquet to ensure it is exactly what they are envisioning for their wedding prior to the wedding day.   

Multiple Locations

Having your bridals taken prior to your wedding provides you with a lot more flexibility in location. On your wedding day, you’ll be limited to where you can have your pictures taken, as you will need to be kept hidden from your guest and you groom! If you have pictures taken prior to your wedding, you’ll be able to go anywhere you want for your pictures without having to worry about someone seeing you before you walk down the aisle. This will also allow for your pictures to have more diversity to them, as you can take full advantage of your wedding venue. You also have the freedom to travel to other venues to have your pictures taken besides your wedding venue. Your wedding photographers Bay Area will know great places to get amazing shots, which are only possible if you choose to have your pictures taken prior to the wedding. The possibilities and options are endless!

Be More Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

If you have your bridals taken prior to your wedding day, you’ll be more at ease and comfortable posing for pictures on your wedding day. Not to mention, you’ll have a better understanding of what you can expect when having pictures taken, and you’ll know what poses look flattering for you and what ones aren’t your favorite. Not to mention, you’ll be more comfortable around your photographer as well!

Great Decorations for Reception

If you have your bridals taken prior to your wedding day, you’ll be able to have some printed and on display for your reception. You can work with your photographer to select the pictures that are your favorites and have them printed and framed so that you can display them around the venue. Your guests will love it, and you’ll be able to use them to decorate around your new home!

Now that you are convinced that having your bridals taken before your wedding is a good idea, contact wedding photographers Bay Area today!