What to Wear for Your Engagement Photo Session

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Now it is time to get to work and start planning your fairy tale wedding. One of the first things that you’ll need to do amidst all of your wedding planning is to find the perfect bay area wedding photographers to capture your special day, enabling you to remember all of the details of your wedding day forever.

One of the aspects of wedding photography that is just as important as pictures for your actual wedding day, are your engagement photos! This an aspect of wedding planning, that most brides spend a lot of time planning and preparing for. Not only will these pictures be used for save-the-date cards, wedding announcements, but they’re even used to decorate their first home. Needless to say, engagement photos are pretty important, so getting the right photographer and right outfit are essential! So, before you run out and hit the mall to purchase the “perfect” outfit for your engagement photo session, check out our list of tips on what to wear for your engagement photos.

Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Like Yourself

Your engagement photo session is not the type to bust out the beaded, princess ball gown if you are more of a shorts and tank top kind of girl. Brides need to feel comfortable in their wardrobe selection. You want to look like yourself at your best. Brides who elect to wear an outfit that is outside of their normal comfort level will feel awkward, which will be apparent in your photos.

Complement Your Partner

You want to select outfits for you and your partner that will complement each other, but don’t necessarily match. Look for colors that compliment each other, along with solid prints. Try to avoid anything that is too busy, as it can cause an unnecessary distraction in your photos.

Choose Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones

While it might be tempting to select bright neon colors that represent your personality, try to avoid them for your engagement photos. Instead you’ll want to select cool pastels, neutral tones, and cool colors so that the focus of the photos will be on your faces, and the love between you and your partner, and not on your neon skirt.

Include at Least One Accessory

An accessory, such as a scarf or chunky necklace allow for you to add a “wow” factor to your photos without taking away from the love that you are showing. Plus, accessories are easy to put on and take off, allowing for you to have a variety of different looks without having to change your whole outfit in between shoots.  

Go for a Classic Look Rather Than a Trendy Look

When selecting outfits for your engagement photos, think about how your selection will look in a couple of years. Try to find outfits that will remain timeless looking, rather than outdated in a few years. You want your photos to look effortless, not give the illusion that you are trying too hard.

Finding the perfect outfit to wear for your engagement photo session may require some time, but now that you know the tips to getting the perfect outfit, it won’t be as difficult as you might think! Now all you have left to do is to contact your bay area wedding photographers to schedule your engagement photo session!