Tips for Brides to Get the Best Wedding Photographs


When planning your wedding, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and make decisions based on your style and desired look for your wedding. Here are a few tips from your local wedding photography experts to keep in mind to ensure you get the best wedding photos that you can cherish for years to come!

  1. Avoid picking patterns that have small pinstripes that are close together. This particular pattern can cause a strange looking pattern to show up in your pictures. While modern digital cameras are good at minimizing this effect, it can still happen. Often times, when it does occur, the problem can be corrected through the use of Photoshop, if pictures are enlarged, the problem may be visible.

  2. Consider your wedding hairstyle. Brides that are accustomed to wearing their hair down, but are planning to dawn an updo for their wedding day, should consider a hairstyle that will frame the face. Those who rarely wear their hair pulled back will often find that their face looks rounder than they are accustomed to seeing in photographs. Having a hairstyle that frames your face will help to eliminate the roundness of your face.

  3. Consider the lighting and time of day when the majority of your wedding photos will be taken. Morning and evening provide the best lighting for photographs. When determining a location, be sure to look at the lighting and decide on the best layout for your wedding. Big windows that allow for a lot of natural light make for great photographs. If possible, seat the bride and groom near windows. If using an outdoor venue and the sun is high in the sky, place the bride and groom in the shade as much as possible to eliminate shadows and get great photos!

  4. When planning a schedule for your wedding day, allow extra time for pictures. Without fail, something on your wedding day will go over on time, so plan for it by scheduling in extra time! Not to mention, family pictures generally take longer than anticipated as it takes time to round up all your family members and several attempts to get a shot where everyone is looking in the same direction

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