How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

Every bride wants to look runway ready for her wedding pictures, but not every bride is photogenic! So, how do you ensure that you’ll look your best in your wedding pictures? Your San Jose Wedding Photographer has compiled a list of thigs that you can do before your wedding, and on your wedding day to ensure that you look your best for your pictures.

Before Your Wedding

  • Practice your smile. We know that this sounds a bit goofy, but trust us! Practice makes perfect and when it comes to getting the perfect smile for your wedding photos, practicing is no different. You’ll want your smile to look nature, not forced or strained, so practice in front of a mirror, and eventually it will feel natural. For an added level of motivation, tape favorite pictures of yourself or celebrities and mimic the facial expressions until you feel confident with your smile!

  • Get your teeth whitened. Having pearly white teeth that stand out, will help to make you feel more confident, and want to show off your smile! For best results, schedule a professional teeth cleaning and whitening session with your dentist to ensure that your teeth look their best for your wedding! At home teeth whitening strips can achieve a whiter smile if you are in a pinch.

  • Get a manicure. Pamper yourself a little bit before your wedding. Take a couple of hours away from planning and get a manicure done. Your ring deserves to get its picture taken, plus we are sure you’ll want pictures of your ring, which means you’ll probably want your fingers to look pretty as well!

  • Location of pictures. Decide on where you want to have your pictures taken. It is important to find a location where you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll be able to get some great shots. Find a location that offers great natural lighting and options for different poses. If you are not sure where you want to get your pictures taken, ask your photographer for suggestions on good locations, and check them out for yourself prior to making a decision.

  • Dress rehearsal. Prior to your wedding day, it is a good idea to have a trial dress rehearsal of your hair and makeup to make sure you like the look. Take photos with your hair and makeup done to see how it translates into pictures, giving you another chance to make sure that you are happy with the look.

Wedding Day

  • Smile with your eyes. This is the happiest day of your life, so be sure to show it! When posing for pictures, be sure to connect and engage with the camera. Laugh just because if you need to, to help you relax and get the perfect smile for your pictures.

  • Pose. Pretend that you are on the red carpet and strike a pose. Slightly angle your body to the camera to prevent getting a straight on shot, placing your weight on your back foot, and smile! If you have a “good side”, now is the time to let it shine!

  • Hold your arms away from your body. Create a small space between your arms and your body, which will define your waistline, making your torso appear slimmer. Creating this small space will also give the appearance that you are relaxed and not up-tight during the course of your wedding.

  • Put the bouquet down. Many brides are tempted to hold their bouquet up towards their face where it can be seen. This gives the illusion that you are hiding behind your flowers, or are blocking your wedding gown. Hold your bouquet down to your side, near your hip, this will give the illusion that your body is long and lean without covering up your dress.

MS Photo & Video, your San Jose Wedding Photographer, takes the time to ensure that all the small details of your wedding are captured, and that you look your best. Wedding photos are the perfect way to capture those moments, and emotions in time, so don’t trust your memories to just anybody. Trust your memories to the professionals at MS Photo & Video to help you and  your day look perfect in print!