“The best thing about Capturing a moment is that it never changes,

even when the people in it do.”

-MS photo & Video


Mimi & Shane


My name is Maria Angeloupoulou. However, my friends have nicknamed me Mimi, which I prefer because I think it’s adorable, simpler and it suits me well. Honestly it doesn’t matter which name you call me, because the reason you are reading this is less about me and more about you, who need a special moment documented. I value the importance of capturing such instants in people’s life, and I feel truly honored and blessed to be part of these moments.  From the first look, to the tearful moment when a farther gives his daughter as a bride, or the exchange of rings, these instances are what I love to capture.   

I am not going to deceive you by saying I’ve been shooting photography since the age of five, or that I grew up always holding a camera in my hand, because it’s just not my story.  Though, I will say shooting interesting and beautiful images intrigues me, and always have. Fortunately wedding photography allows me to capture these two things. We are here to make your special day the least stressful possible. We will connect you with other wedding vendors to guarantee successful results.


Thank you



I was born and raised in beautiful Greece. That’s why once we talk on the phone or in person you will hear an accent!! Once I finished my photography academy, I moved to United States. I started working in the fashion industry and in movies. After I experienced that sector I decided to work in with couples. It’s more enjoyable and fun. Who doesn’t like being in parties with happy people? I was a photo editor for amazing wedding photographers in orange county during the week, and I was photographing weddings during the weekend. Few years ago Shane brought up the idea to start our own business and my thoughts were ‘‘why not’’! My background in fashion industry gave me experience in posing the couples and my editing prior experience helps me be great with my editing skills.

My strengths

I am very personable and I do not mind going above and beyond to help others. I have great humors but others do not usually understand it (just rarely)! I love what I do and I will do everything to give satisfying results.


I sometimes do not like waiting for things to happen.. who does anyways ?!


Shane at the other side is a true local. He was born and raised in beautiful city of Santa Cruz. Yes, he used to be a surfer in case you are wondering! Growing up, he was enjoying evening walks on the beach. His favorite time to visit the beach was during winter time, while there were’t many tourists around and he could enjoy the view in peace. He studied business with a concentration in financing counting in San Jose, and this is where he has been resided since then . This is one of the reasons that I was confident to start this business with him. He also has talented in his blood. Everyone of his family members are great artists in one form or another which I can see it in his creative videos. I couldn’t ask for a better life partner or business one to spend this life journey with.

His strengths

One of the things I admire on him is his kindness towards other people. He is intelligent, with good manners and excellent problem solving skills. I call him my wikipedia.


I haven’t found any yet!!!