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We believe every couple is unique and every wedding is equally unique. For that reason we collaborate with our clients to provide them with a customized service (Photo & Video) that meets each couple’s individual needs and style. Understanding each couples vision for their wedding day will allow us to create a distinctive framework that is unique to them.

PHOTOGRAPHY: some couples love black and white photos, some love them bright and colorful while others prefer faded and soft. Some couples prefer to be posed, while other couples want mostly candid photos of their wedding day. At MS photo, we absolutely love capturing photos, so whatever your needs are, we are here not only to satisfy, but also to exceed your expectations with our quality and artistry in your wedding photos. 

VIDEOGRAPHY: unlike many videographers, it is not enough for us to simply film your day, we want to capture all of the details that matter to you in your own beautiful, timeless film. We enjoy taking time to develop relationships with our clients as your wedding day approaches to know that your cousins will be flying in from Texas or that your great-aunt is going to play the violin and you want all of it captured on video. 


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Weddings, Engagements, Portraits, Headshots, Family, Events





About Us


Mimi and Shane (M+S=MS Photo & Video -- a duo couple) whose passion is capturing and producing emotional photos and videos in a very creative and heartfelt way. We believe every couple is unique and every wedding is equally unique. Whether it’s with a few close friends and family members or several hundred guests, our passion in capturing beautiful moments and subtle details are what moves us. We love creating story-telling art with our favorite tool, our cameras!